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Turn long, complicated conversations into short, effective ones.

  • Centile charts
  • Interactive vision simulator
  • Treatment benefit indices
  • Axial length analytics
  • Instant report sharing
  • Informed consent form

With mEYE™ Guide, you've got all the bases covered for easy, comprehensive myopia management.

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Axial length metrics without the expense of biometry.

  • Machine learning axial length estimate
  • Normative reference database comparison
  • Adult axial length prediction
  • Vision impairment risk calculation

With free access to mEYE™ Gauge, build your knowledge and expertise on the clinical value of axial length metrics.

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We help you build a successful myopia management practice.


Clinical success

  • Confident, evidence-based clinical decision making
  • Better long term ocular health and quality of life for your patients


Brand success

  • Stand out from the crowd in this new therapeutic area
  • Build lifelong family loyalty through personalised care


Financial success

  • Optimise the use of your valuable time and resources
  • Minimum chair time, maximum return with high treatment uptake and retention among at-risk children

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Data Analytics &
Business Intelligence

Cutting edge analytics and insights for companies in the myopia management space.

About us

At Ocumetra, we know how to support eyecare professionals in practice, after all we are eyecare professionals ourselves.

We are a data analytics company founded by two globally renowned researchers and clinicians, Professor James Loughman PhD and Professor Ian Flitcroft D.Phil FRCOphth. With hundreds of scientific papers published, countless lectures delivered and numerous clinical trials ongoing, understanding myopia and delivering ways to get it under control represents the core focus of our work.

Our refractive error database is one of the world’s largest and when combined with our innovative thinking, we solve problems for eyecare professionals and provide valuable business insights to industry. We are revolutionising the world of refractive error.