The patient-friendly communication tool you've been waiting for!

Explaining myopia management can seem a daunting prospect. But it doesn't have to be. Our mEYEguide product turns what can be a long complicated conversation into a short effective one. We provide a personalised analysis for every patient. Best of all, parents leave with all the information on their mobile phone.


Axial Length Estimator

Don't have access to biometry? With you in mind we have developed a mathematical model to approximate axial length using routine optometric measures, with an average error of less than 0.25mm. This level of accuracy allows for identification of children with a greater than normal axial length, a risk factor for both myopic progression and myopic complications

Key Features

Myopia control is a new and rapidly evolving therapeutic area with new treatments emerging, new research to interpret and new clinical challenges to address. Ocumetra provides vital decision support tools to guide practitioners in the management of individual patients. Our "Refractogram" is built on an extensive platform of normative reference data to provide advanced analytic tools that elevate your clinical practice. Comprising a unique portfolio of clinically relevant features including ocular centile charts, treatment efficacy monitoring and axial length estimation (for those without biometry), Refractogram is the essential tool for evidence-based myopia control. For every patient and every treatment option, we've got the answers you need to deliver personalised, adaptive care to every myopia patient.



With Refractogram you get detailed graphical and numerical indicators of treatment efficacy. These allow treatment decisions to be optimised for every patient and treatment benefits to be demonstrated to every patient.