Meet the Team

We are dedicated to delivering tools to help manage myopia

Our Story

Myopia management is a new and rapidly evolving therapeutic area designed to slow down the spread of the condition and reduce the risk of vision loss and blindness. With new treatments emerging, new research to interpret and new clinical challenges to address, clinicians are struggling to get to grips with the demands of myopia control.

We have developed a unique portfolio of tools to help eye care practitioners communicate and explain the rationale and options of myopia management to their patients. Ocumetra provides the answers clinicians need to deliver personalised, adaptive eye care to every myopia patient.

Ocumetra's ambition is to make ocular growth analysis a core component of clinical care for myopia, to make the Ocumetra brand synonymous with comprehensive myopia care and to deliver the clinical tools that every ophthalmic practitioner managing myopia will need.

Meet the Founders

Meet the co-founders, Ian the Ophthalmologist and James the Optometrist, working together on their shared passion for all things myopia. With more than €10 million research funding, over 120 scientific papers published, countless lectures delivered and numerous clinical trials ongoing, understanding myopia and delivering ways to get it under control represents the core focus of their work.


James is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ocumetra and serves on its Board of Directors. As CEO, James leads a rapidly growing global workforce in developing and delivering transformational and innovative data science solutions for Ocular Healthcare, MedTech, and Consumer Eye Health. As a Professor in Optometry and Vision Science, James found inspiration by focussing on how healthcare innovation improved patient's lives. A believer in the power of technology to accelerate progress in healthcare, James' ambition for Ocumetra is to use cutting edge data science and business intelligence to deliver actionable insights to solve the world's evolving eye health challenges. Having worked extensively to improve paediatric eye care in Africa, James' international perspective gives him a deep appreciation of diversity in all its forms. He is committed to building an inclusive workforce that reflects the patients, parents, and companies Ocumetra serves.

James Loughman PhD

Co-Founder / Optometrist


Ian is a paediatric ophthalmologist who has been involved with myopia research for over two decades. As well as clinical research, much of his work has been in computational and mathematical approaches to eye growth. He is the principal investigator on the multiple clinical trials currently being run at the Centre for Eye Research Ireland.

Ian Flitcroft D.Phil FRCOphth

Co-Founder / Ophthalmologist

Meet the Team


Kate is the Director of Operations at Ocumetra, having been with the company since its inception. She is involved in all aspects of product design, regulatory strategy, HR, and other operations. Kate has a medical background with 10 years of experience in eye health research. Before joining Ocumetra, Kate has spent a significant portion of her career at the Centre for Eye Research Ireland (CERI), TU Dublin, developing and delivered clinical trial solutions, overseeing the conduct of their portfolio of clinical trials, managing CERI's digital platforms, and planning outreach events. Kate has supported the establishment of CERI as one of the biggest and most reputable myopia control centers in the world. Kate is ensuring that Ocumetra's products meet the highest standards of quality and are designed with the needs of their target customers in mind. Kate is passionate about Ocumetra's goal to revolutionise the field of myopia management & prevent avoidable blindness. She is a collaborative team player with great eye for detail who is always keen to support the team in every way. Outside of work, Kate enjoys crossfit, yoga, cooking & taking her frenchie Cashew for long walks.

Kate Loskutova, MBBS, PhD

Director of Operations


Corrina is Director of Professional Affairs at Ocumetra and forms part of the senior leadership team where she contributes to product development and enhancement. Her core responsibilities are the planning, management, development and implementation of professional affairs and marketing strategies to ensure organisational objectives are met in local markets. As an optometrist with a passion for clinical advancement and improved patient outcomes, her innovative work as clinical lead for a group of independent optometrists included the development of one of the first myopia management clinics in the UK. Leading to her being one of the first ECPs to access FDA approved myopia management products before they reached market. Her innovative vision and positive approach strengthens Ocumetra's ambitions to empower ECPs to use cutting edge data science to deliver personalized eyecare. If that isn't enough to keep Corrina occupied, she can keep herself busy with multi-day endurance events which sound miserable and arduous, but apparently are actually fun.

Corrina McElduff

Director of Professional Affairs


Johann is head of software engineering with over 25 years of experience in all areas of the software development lifecycle. Throughout his career, he has managed the development and delivery of complex software solutions, managed large projects, and led multiple teams of developers. His expertise in project management, technical leadership, and people development has helped him drive innovation and digital transformation across various industries. A self confessed coffee addict with a barista qualification.

Johann Kerens

Head of Software Engineering


Patrick is a full stack developer with experience in different langauges including Python, PHP and Java as well as database and server administration. A DCU alumni, his previous work includes developing software in the healthcare sector and as a network engineer. Here at Ocumetra as part of our excellent development team he is working on creating the tools to effectively communicate technical data simply and in a language that everyone can understand. Outside work Patrick likes to pretend with an eternal hope that Manchester United are just one signing away from getting back to winning trophies…

Patrick Quirke Bolt

Full-Stack Developer


Alexandru is a software engineer with experience in multiple languages (Python, JavaScript/TypeScript, Java, C) and proficiency in Cloud technologies and solutions. Recent Computer Science graduate from TUD (1.1) and currently working on developing a full and self managed application for gathering and visualizing data as a full-stack developer. He also has experience in database administration, data modeling and data warehousing and has other technical skills such as knowledge of computer hardware, security and machine learning.

Alexandru Constantin Cardas

Full-Stack Developer & Data Scientist


Guilherme is a Full-stack developer with two years of experience in web and mobile development. He has experience working with JavaScript, Python and PHP, and is focused on developing responsive solutions while staying current with the latest technology advancements.

Guilherme Urbanas Ferreira

Full-Stack Developer


Toma is a regulatory and business professional with the experience of working in various healthcare settings. Toma's interests lie in the intersection of medical device regulatory affairs, digital health, market strategies, healthcare and business. He is passionate about constant learning, education and improvement. Outside of work Toma spends his time reading, listening to his vinyls or cooking and baking.

Toma Pervan

ISMS, Regulatory Affairs & Market Access Officer


Carolina is a multimedia designer at Ocumetra. She is responsible for enhancing the company's brand and product design across various mediums, including branding, UX/UI, and motion graphics. With over 7 years of experience in the field, Carolina has developed a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating designs that not only look great but also deliver an exceptional user experience. Carolina is a creative thinker and a collaborative team player who always puts client's need first and thrives on working with others to bring their ideas to life. When she’s not designing, you can find her exploring new cities, trying out Vegan recipes in the kitchen, pole dancing or lounging on the couch with her cat, Zorra.

Carolina Jose

Multimedia Designer

Egle Timinskiene



Davoud is a data scientist with a background in Computer Science. He is currently working on developing data-driven models to predict the progression of different vision conditions such as myopia.

Davoud Shariat Panah

Data Scientist


Gareth is a clinical research adviser with Ocumetra providing advice and technical assistance on the development of clinical data analytic tools.

Gareth Lingham

Clinical Research Consultant


Noor is a bioinformatician with a background in Computer Sciences. She has worked on multiple interdisciplinary projects during her Marie Curie fellowship.

Noor Kherreh

Data Scientist